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Established in 1989
   We are an Educational Association, providing services to the Admiralty, Maritime and Longshore Claims Community throughout the nation.   



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The Longshore CLAIMS ASSOCIATION (LCA) offers a resource for the Maritime Claims Community. Established in 1989, our mission strives to:
1.    Extend and perpetuate the policy of sound and proper administration of various Federal Workers Compensation Acts, the Jones Act and General Maritime laws.
2.    Promote and encourage co-operation with the constituted authorities under all applicable Acts described above so as to promote the general welfare of its members and their employees.
3.    Furnish opportunities for its members to confer upon and discuss the many issues arising under Acts described above.
4.    Communicate with the members on all relevant matters, including dissemination of information regarding the statutory, regulatory, and judicial changes to the Acts described above.


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Who We Are

The LONGSHORE CLAIMS ASSOCIATION (LCA) is a Nationwide team of Claims Professionals serving the shipping industry, longshore, and stevedoring community, ship building, ship repair and ship breaking industries. We are a nonprofit organization offering competitively priced and comprehensive maritime and admiralty educational programs. We also provide information regarding regulatory compliance as part of our services to the community.

We provide education and training for claims, insurance, employers and other professionals involved with Admiralty, Maritime and Federal Worker's Claims.

The LONGSHORE CLAIMS ASSOCIATION is a Tax-Exempt Educational Association working to provide educational opportunities for professionals focusing on claims administration, insurance management, employer awareness, legal case management and other matters arising under Admiralty, Maritime and Federal Workers Compensation Claims under the Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act, Non-Appropriated Funds Instrumentalities Act, Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, Defense Base Act and War Hazards Act.


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